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How it Began


From a young age Christal realized she was born with the gift of intuition. It wasn't until her teenage years when she began to develop an understanding of Psychics and came to the realization she was using her intuition to see what was going on or happening around her. At the time Christal was living in foster care and wasn't sure what she could do with this gift of hers so she began to work in the medical field. 


In late 2018 Christal connected with her maternal side and learned she was a descendant of Spiritual Leaders and Intuitive Healers. After learning so much about her family Christal decided it was time to learn how to develop these gifts. Christal underwent a series of in-depth Spiritual Mentorship Programs, and learned the Healing Modality of Reiki. As Christal found a new meaning to life she was able to incorporate a daily spiritual routine and practice some the healing techniques on herself. This is how she avoided the common solution of Eastern Medicine. From there Christal realize it was her destiny to help others find their way and to help them to heal. 

Through out the years, Christal earned her designation as a “Spiritual Master Healer,” and established “The Well Being Company”, where clients can begin the process of charting a path toward healing - or learn to become a Healer too.  



**The Well Being Company LLC is a Holistic Company based on Healing Modalities Owned and Managed by Christal 

Coffee with Friends

Get to Know Me

Let's get together! I am happy to have an event anytime at my client's request. All events are small gatherings with coffee, food and great conversations. I take this time to allow you to get to know me on a personal level and for me to get to know you! 

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