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Crystals To Help You Sleep Better - Article written by Christal For Bustle Magazine

Black Tourmaline

If you’re afraid of the dark or bothered by nightmares, add a black tourmaline to your crystal collection. “Black tourmaline is known for its protective energy vibrations,” says Christal Medina, a reiki master and crystal specialist at Modrn Sanctuary, a New York City-based wellness spa. It’ll help prevent bad dreams, ease night terrors, and provide you with a sense of safety in your space. Ovsepian equates ​black tourmaline’s powers to wearing a cloak of invisibility, hiding you from negative energies. “Its pure crystalline blackness sets the stage for travel to the sleep realm, creating a clear separation from our daytime selves that is restorative and crucial to well-being,” she says.

How to use it: To prevent negative nighttime energy, keep a ​black tourmaline close by as you sleep — whether that’s on your nightstand, under your pillow, or on a windowsill. Its grounding properties will provide a feeling of security that’s crucial for a calm night of sleep.


If the energy is off in your bedroom — maybe there’s a lingering presence of a fight you had with an ex in there, or simply stagnant vibes in the space — put a selenite stone to work. “Selenite will recharge, refresh, and restore the energy vibration of the person near it,” says Medina. Another benefit to selenite: if you or your bedmate snores, it’s thought to be helpful for clearing and expanding the throat and sinus area, providing clearer breathways.

How to use it: Since selenite has a high vibrational frequency — that’s why it works so well! — some might find it difficult to sleep near. Bring it into your bedroom, but don’t sleep with a selenite under your pillow or on your nightstand. Instead, keep your selenite on top of your dresser, so it can radiate its energy-clearing powers onto your whole bedroom.


Labradorite, a stone of transformation, brings balance to an overactive mind — crucial for falling asleep. “Labradorite is fitting for a peaceful sleep when there is a lack of harmony,” says Medina. By helping to cultivate deep inner peace, it’ll let you let go of negative thoughts, ruminations, and other things that keep your monkey mind up at night.

How to use it: Place a labradorite on your nightstand, or tuck one under your pillow. As you sleep, it’ll calm your subconscious, and release creative energy and wisdom. Maybe you’ll finally finish that knitting project you started in 2019.

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