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How to Find Reiki Practitioners ?

How To Find Reiki Providers

These are some of the factors that you must consider if you are looking for a Reiki provider or practitioner who can boost your wellness:

Practitioner Qualifications

Reiki practitioners may have different levels of training:

Level I practitioners usually incorporate Reiki into another self healing routine, including yoga, meditation, pray. They use Reiki to support the healing ability of personal use.

Level II practitioners typically provide Reiki as a stand-alone or client based healing treatment. At this stage, they have learned additional styles of Reiki techniques. They are not just passive channels of energy, but active ones that are capable of activating vibrations of life force energy.

Level III practitioners fall into two categories: Master/Practitioner or Master/Teacher. Both are advanced practitioners. Still, instructors have an extra edge because they are knowledgeable about more Reiki techniques. They also have the ability to teach and communicate Reiki concepts and styles to other practitioners.

Choose the practitioner with the level of training who can provide you with quality Reiki treatments that you need.

Type of Reiki Practiced

All forms of Reiki are beneficial. Still, you may have your own preferences about the type of Reiki treatment you wish to undergo. The energy of each kind of Reiki has unique qualities. The popular types of Reiki in the U.S. are Western Usui, Eastern Usui / Traditional Usui, and Usui / Tibetan Reiki.

You may possibly be leaning towards a specific form of Reiki if you have already undergone sessions in the past. In this case, you may ask practitioners what kind of Reiki they are qualified to perform. If you are a first-timer, however, you can give yourself the opportunity to be open to different kinds of Reiki treatments.

Professional Associations

Professional associations provide significant support to Reiki practitioners and teachers. These organizations provide professionals with a venue to hone their skills in Reiki. Such associations can offer online tools and resources to expand the Reiki knowledge of practitioners. They also serve as a community who can encourage mutual growth within the field.

Choose a practitioner who is part of an official Reiki organization. These include the International Association of Reiki Professionals, Reiki Alliance, and International Reiki Association.

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